FACE Psychiatry provides expertise for Medicolegal Assessments and Reports, including for:

Criminal Matters

  • Court Diversion - s32 & s33, Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990 (NSW)
  • Fitness to Stand Trial
  • Sentencing Reports
  • NGMI  - not guilty by reason of mental illness (Insanity Defence)
  • Diminished Responsibility (Substantial Impairment)
  • Violence Risk Assessment and Management  - including sex violence risk
  • Problem Behaviour Assessment and Management – including sex offending, threatening behaviour, stalking & fire setting
  • High Risk Offender Reports
  • Doli Incapax

Civil Matters

  • Family Court – Whole of Family Assessments
  • Parenting Capacity Assessments
  • Child Protection Matters
  • NSW Workcover Assessments
  • NSW Motor Accidents Authority Assessments

FACE Psychiatry provides specialised assessments and Expert Witness Testimony for Courts and Tribunals concerning Forensic Criminal and Civil Matters.